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Steven Jackson Isn't Good, Teams Just Give Him Yards Out of Pity

The title is the rational from Jason Cole over at Yahoo! Sports who has to have one of the worst arguments I've ever heard when ranking RB's. Not only that, but Cole ranks Steven Jackson (or the Rams team rushing in total; which is still just Steven Jackson) 19 out of 32 teams. I'll allow you a minute to pick up your jaw, and when your ready, keep reading.

Cole starts out by explaining that the teams are being ranked, not the players. That's understandable, given the two (or even three) back systems that are used today. But the problem with that when you look at the Rams is that as a team, there is only one running back worth anything and that is Steven Jackson. The Rams don't run a two-back system, because in the past, they haven't needed one. The point is that if you use the argument that the Rams team rushing is ranked 19th, not Steven Jackson, then your merely using a cop-out because Steven Jackson is the Rams team rushing.

Cole starts out his blurb about the Rams by saying:

Steve Jackson put up surprisingly good numbers (1,416 yards and 51 receptions) last season for an awful Rams team.

The word surprising jumps to my mind, because if anyone has ever seen Jackson play, it wouldn't be surprising that he did so well. There have been plenty of examples of running backs have good seasons on bad teams. When players have as much talent as Jackson has, they are going to stand out, no matter how the rest of the team is. There is nothing surprising about that at all. I'll give him the fact that the Rams were bad last year, because, well, they were. But while this sentence could make some sense if you read between the lines, his next argument has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard:

However, you got the feeling watching the Rams play that teams were often conceding yards to Jackson because they ultimately knew the Rams were not a threat and/or the opponents usually had a lead. This is a sad end to a nice career.

The fact that he had the stones to say such a stupid thing on a nationally viewed article astounds me. Did he even watch a Rams game? Opposing teams often stuffed eight, even nine men in the box because  of Steven Jackson. If teams were to concede yards to him out of pity, he could have easily had the numbers Chris Johnson had this year. This can't be considered anything than a slap in the face of Jackson, who has to be one of the most ferocious and dedicated players the Rams have (and quite possibly ever will have). His determination to fight for every last yard is one of his best qualities and I also strongly doubt you will ever find a team that willingly gives the opponent a better chance to win.

He continues to say that the Rams should trade Jackson, which is another matter entirely an one that could deserve its own article. But the fact that he could be this ignorant blows my mind. It's time Steven Jackson paid a visit to Yahoo...