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Random Ramsdom: 5/31/2010

I can only hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend and that you get to enjoy these links from the comfort of your own home (or vacation spot of your choice). Special thanks to all the Armed Forces, past and present, for keeping this country safe. Onto the links!

  • Still simmering after the draft? That other guy (Ndamukong Suh) apparently doesn't want a holdout. Of course his agent, Eugene Parker, might have that planned. If the Lions can't get a deal done at #2, it might be even harder for the Rams to get something done with Sam Bradford.
  • Keep in mind that tomorrow is the deadline to make a decision on Atogwe. If they can't reach a deal, they either pay him his money, or let him walk. If the latter happens, the Dolphins are one of the teams that are apparently interested in his services.
  • One player I'd like to see the Rams go after, LenDale White, has had an interesting week to say the least. There definitely is something we don't know (suspension or not- the league is already being coy about that situation). Mike Sando takes a glance at the changing of opinion of his former coach.
  • Tevin T. Broner posted a fanshot a few days ago about Adam Schein roasting- excuse me, ranking the Rams. Sando takes a look at all the NFC West rankings and also sticks up for the Rams. Seriously, does any professional journalist outside of Sando even watch Rams games? 
  • The folks at STLToday take a look at the workload of Steven Jackson. Everyone seems to be concerned with his workload. I'll be taking a look at this more in-depth a little later on, because news flash, touches don't spell death to a running back. Remember that guy names Marshall Faulk? The year before he came to the Rams, he had 410 touches. And we all know how 1999 went for the Rams.
  • Torry Holt, former Ram turned Patriot (traitor? Yay or nay?) expects a "smooth" transition. If his twilight years go anything like the other old wide receiver the Patriots picked up awhile back (Randy Moss) then Torry's hand may get a bit heavier from an extra ring.
That's all for today everyone. Enjoy your Monday and go Rams!