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Random Ramsdom: 5/3/2010

It's another Monday! and it's May! That means rookie mini-camps and lofty expectations for Sam Bradford! So let's get into the links:

  • Speaking of Bradford, he wants to let you know he can take a hit. He's done with the can't fall right crap, OK?
  • From the demo crew to the St. Louis Rams. Let's hope some of these tryout guys stick. Nothing better then finding that one-in-a-million type of guy.
  • Jim Thomas thinks Bradford made a good first impression. Of course, for 50 million guaranteed, you'd certainly hope he did.
  • Could the Rams be seeing more of Marc Bulger? Mike Sando weighs in on Adam "Magic Man" Schefter's analysis. 
  • Carneros brings up a good point. Did the Pat Shurmur Eagles ever have a #1 wide receiver? Well, besides Mr. I Can't Feed My Family. But did they get results? Check it out
Well, That's all for today. Enjoy Monday!