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Could the Super Bowl come to St. Louis?

If New York can have a Super Bowl, why can't St. Louis?

Okay, first of all STL is not NYC. But media market doesn't matter for the Super Bowl, the media market comes to the game not the other way around, exhibit A: Detroit.

The big concern people have about the Super Bowl being in New Jersey (remember where the Meadowlands is technically) is the weather. Nonsense. Bad weather makes for great football games. Weather wouldn't matter in St. Louis where teams would play in the not-so-friendly confines of the Ed Jones Dome.

The Dome is probably the biggest impediment to having a Super Bowl in St. Louis, since as a venue it's not a favorable place for the 6,000 fans that turn out to watch a Rams game much less the packed house that would be on hand for the Super Bowl. I doubt the league would be keen on featuring one of it's second string facilities. The NY Super Bowl is set for 2014, right around d-day for the Rams franchise and their lease on the EJD. If the team could get some nod from owners - and this is where Stan Kroenke could have some pull as owner - to consider St. Louis as a site, it might help in getting a new stadium. That could work the other way too, getting a new stadium could help STL get a Super Bowl since the league is now willing to start having The Big Game in not-so-sunny locales.

Maybe by 2015 Sam Bradford will be ready to lead the Rams to a Super Bowl. Wouldn't a home game be nice?