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Random Ramsdom: 5/27/2010

For those can at least glance out at the sun from a window, try to enjoy it. I'm stuck watching the rain pour down, which isn't exactly how I had envisioned myself spending time during my "summer" vacation. Onto the links!
  • Remember that Keith Null guy? Well apparently he's fighting for a job. Both Boller and Bulger are gone, yet he's still fighting for the #1 spot. Remember all the optimism about him starting towards the end of last year?
  • Apparently the current ownership prefers Kroenke over Khan. You know, because they kind of know the guy just a little bit.
  • Mike Sando has an NFC Roster turnover from the end of last year. I really can't say I'm sad to see some of them go.
  • On the other side, how about some good news? Both Avery and Robinson are healthy. Last year, Robinson looked like a total steal until he was injured just about right from the get go. Hopefully he can stay healthier for much longer and help Sam Bradford have a season like Matt Ryan did his rookie year.
  • Will over at has a list of his favorite Rams villains. What a swell group of guys.
That's all for today everyone. Have a good Thursday and as always, go Rams!