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Rams looking for red zone threats

Fans spit beer on their computer screens and pundits scratched their head when the St. Louis Rams made TE Michael Hoomanawanui, a blocking tight end nonetheless, the first pick of the fifth round. "Uh Oh" has a long way to go before the draft grades are rewritten but he made a nice play at OTAs today, pulling in a Sam Bradford ball with just one giant, soft hand. 

With raw emotion about the draft now salved over a bit, I went back and looked at some more info on Uh Oh. The prescient 3k referenced him back in Feb. in a post featuring some names to keep an eye on at the Combine. I have to reprint 3k's quote here for the meta reference as much as the info it provides:

This is the kind of name that gives Van nightmares, and the kind of frame that gives CBs nightmares too. All thickness and no quickness, he's in a similar situation as John Jerry. Might be looked at as a FB, but does he have the mobility? Interesting guy to keep an eye on.

The first part is dead on, as is the rest of the info. I can't speak to Uh Oh much more than what the scouting reports say, but his hands are well thought of by lots of prospect watchers in addition to excellent blocking ability. Speed-wise, Uh Oh's 4.77 time in the 40 was only about a tenth of a second slower than the times posted by Gresham and Gronkowski (4.66 and 4.68 respectively). Still, he's not seen, for obvious reasons, as the complete package like those guys, but what he could very be, in addition to a blocker, is a useful red zone player.

You don't need many stats to quantify just how awful the Rams were in the red zone last year. When you score an average of 10.9 points per game, it's just assumed. Nevertheless, the Rams offense had a -59.3 percent DVOA in the red zone, worst in the league. 

The Rams are acutally accumulating a decent complement of players who could be factors in the red zone. We talked about RB Chris Ogbonnaya yesterday, and a healthy group of receivers would give them several different looks. 

Stay tuned, plenty of questions left to answer.