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Path looks good for Kroenke: Random Ramsdom, 5/25

random ramsdom 1
random ramsdom 1

The St. Louis Rams hit the field at Rams Park for another day of OTAs...a nice muggy day of OTAs. For those us tucked inside air conditioned office buildings today, here's a few links to go with your sweet roll.


League owners seem most keen on having Stan Kroenke become the next owner of the Rams. Silent Stan made an appearance  at the league owners meeting in Dallas this week asking for a grade period to settle the cross-ownership issue. 

Fred Robbins figures to be part of an improved Rams defensive line, noting the unit's struggle with gap assignments last season, not to mention the struggle against opposing offensive linemen. 

The Rams signed Illinois State OL Brandon Joyce to round out their roster.

OT Jason Smith, who suffered a concussion to end his season last year, will wear a new helmet designed to mitigate concussions.