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In case you forgot, finding a new home is also on the Rams to do list

How about some stadium talk for your Monday afternoon? If and when the St. Louis Rams get their ownership situation settled, one of the next major items on the agenda will be finding a solution for the 2015 out clause in their lease on the not so friendly confines of the Ed Jones Dome. That clause states that the Dome has to be among the top 25% of league facilities by 2015 or the Rams can walk away for greener pastures. 

The odds of the Dome being in the top quartile, already a long shot, potentially got a little worse today with news that the Atlanta Falcons would like to start building a new home in 2012. 

One option likely to be available to the Rams by then is a move back to Southern California, something one LA Times columnists urges his readers to be leery of given the track record of stadium development in the area (hat tip to mooseknuckles for the link). 

Put the two items together and you know absolutely nothing more about the Rams potential new home circa 2016 than you did yesterday...but it does at least serve as an ominous reminder that the franchise has hurdles to cross after they finally find a new owner.