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Random Ramsdom: 5/24/2010

Another Monday morning and that means it is time for some links. Hopefully they won't be as love or hate as the Lost finale (sorry, I had to throw it in there). But this is a Rams site, so lets take a look at some Rams news, shall we?
  • Chris Ogbo and that one running back who got punched in the face by a ref' believe they can back up Steven Jackson just fine. Candy gumdrops fall from the sky as well. If you want the backup job, show us you deserve it. Hopefully Ogbonnaya can show he does.
  • Who knows what is going on with Atogwe. Are they negotiating? Are they not? Can Kevin Payne bowl a 300? These questions will shape the future of the Rams secondary. Mike Sando also has a little blurb on the Lions idea thrown out by Clayton and a summary of all that has gone down so far.
  • It's been a few days, but take a look at RBramfan's odds of Sam Bradford starting the first week. Personally, I see the team taking the same approach they took with last year's first rounder Jason Smith.
  • It seems like it's a long way away, but it might be worth checking out the 49ers and Falcons stadium situations. It may be interesting to see what happens for those two franchises when the Rams have a decision to make as well.
That's all for today everyone! Enjoy Monday and go Rams!