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Bowling, sleepers and being a fan: TST FanPost of the Week

The St. Louis Rams hit the field for OTAs this week, running out a starting lineup with only a few early surprises. Meanwhile, back at TST, the people spoke and we had a heapin' helpin' of delicious fan posts. Let's recap and vote on the FanPost of the Week...

Last week's FanPost of the Week featured Kevin Payne and his story of how a trade feels from the player's perspective.

Providing we don't turn up some internet video of the winner dancing on a stripper pole, who will this week's FanPost of the Week be?

Decline and Fall of the Raman Empire - RamChop takes a look at the chain of events for the Rams in the wake of Dick Vermeil's departure, and imagines what things might have looked like in a parallel universe. It's a good reminder of just how big of a job the new regime has inherited at Rams Park.

mooseknuckles41 on fandom - Being a fan, a real, true fan takes work, a healthy doe of realism and, most of all, a certain measure of faith. The moose man dug deep in this fanpost explaining the essence of being a fan and why he's keeping the faith, haters be damned. (The comments got a little out of control, so use this as a reminder to be civil to each other).

Pistol Pete's Main Event - Kevin Payne, bowling and the NFL - As you know, Rams S Kevin Payne has been hanging out here at TST since coming to the Rams, getting to know the fans and telling us a little bit about his game. Kevin's also shared some pretty impressive bowling features with us, and Pistol Pete delved into why Kevin Payne's masterful bowling skills translate well to his work in the defensive backfield.

Sleeper Of Our 2010 Class Jerome Murphy - I remember more than one person rolling their eyes when the Rams picked CB Jerome Murphy. That's alright. The Rams hit big with a CB in the third round the year before, and this year looks to be no different. A good secondary will be a big help to the Rams, and the former South Florida star figures to be a big part of that down the road. Tevin T. Broner looks at Murphy's sleeper status and his potential to be a big contributor.