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More shotgun for the Rams says one expert

There's a great piece over at Yahoo sports today from Doug Farrar, who makes the case why the St. Louis Rams need to use the shotgun more often this year with Sam Bradford

The shotgun was huge bust for the Rams last year, as was pretty much any offensive play not involving Steven Jackson. Farrar discusses the changes to the Rams roster for 2010 and why Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith make the shotgun a more natural fit. 

Here's an example from Bradford's OU days Farrar cites in the article:

...a play where Bradford uses his surprising mobility to roll out and hit the open receiver. In this diagram of a play against the Washington Huskies in 2008, the left wide receiver clears the cornerback, leaving the slot receiver to beat the safety one-on-one. Bradford’s scramble draws in the weak-side linebacker, ensuring that Bradford’s first read was facing single coverage. All that was left was for Bradford to hit his man above the safety, which he did.

In my mind, that play would have Laurent Robinson or Brandon Gibson as two flankers, with one of those two being the player that draws in the cornerback. In the slot, would be Donnie Avery and his speed versus the safety. 

The shotgun isn't exactly foreign to Pat Shurmur either. The Rams offensive coordinator may have only used it 38 percent of the time last year, but the Eagles, whose offense Shurmur's is based on, used it 48.7 percent of the time last year, third most in the league. 

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The season can't get here fast enough.