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Rams LG Jacob Bell out for a month or more - and other Rams injury news

Stop me if you've heard this one before... The St. Louis Rams will be without starting LG Jacob Bell for 4-6 weeks. Bell had his knee scoped today according to Brian Stull of ESPN 101. 

The good news is that Bell will be back in plenty of time for training camp which should start sometime around the end of July. He also has a year, a good year, with Spagnuolo under his belt, so it's not like he has to re-learn the offense or anything like that. The bad news is that he's having arthroscopic surgery, which isn't a major procedure, but nothing to be taken is surgery after all. 

Signing Hank Fraley looks even better now, and the coaches will be keeping a close eye on John Greco, Roger Allen, etc. At least OG is a position where the Rams have some depth. 

In other injury news OT Jason Smith is cleared for takeoff as is WR Laurent Robinson, WR Brooks Foster and DT Gary Gibson. All four will be full participants at OTAs.