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Random Ramsdom, 5/18: Young receiver worry arrives early

The St. Louis Rams kick off a day of OTAs today with one notable absence. Running back Steven Jackson will sit out as he recovers from surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back. There's something pleasant to think about as you eat breakfast. On to the random...


Hey, is the PD running stories from last year? I thought so when I saw a headline that said something about Rams receivers lacking experience. This theme isn't going away, and I understand why. Football, or at least observers and fans, abhor a vacuum and that's what the Rams have with their young receivers.  From the perspective of the Rams front office it's worth remembering that they feel their young group of WRs will take a leap forward, a healthy leap, this season and grow in conjunction with QB Sam Bradford. 

If the Rams can keep Laurent Robinson healthy, they'll have a reliable guy who can run routes and get those precious yards after the catch. That would also go a long way toward freeing up Donnie Avery to work on the outside and deep where he's best suited. I'm sure we'll be talking much more about this as September approaches. 

More great fanposts this week. VTRamsFan, aka Pistol Pete, breaks down why Kevin Payne's soon-to-be world famous bowling skills translate favorably to the football field. 

Mooseknuckles gives an impassioned plea about what it means to be a fan, 1-15 or 15-1. It's the fan equivalent of the classic locker room, down by a couple TDs rally speech. 

3k has a 2011 mock for you later this a.m. In his preview yesterday he teased us all with a couple picks, including Stanford QB Andrew Luck. Here's more on Luck. One thing's for sure, with a name like that he's either bound for greatness or synonymous with a busted draft pick.