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Rams minicamp & OTA schedule

Football fans, we're heading into that extended dry spell known as the summer, when anything related to football will be hard to find for even the most thorough of apostle of the game. Thankfully, the St. Louis Rams (and other teams) throw us a few morsels of action in the offseason's early goings in the form of minicamp and OTAs. Here's the Rams minicamp and OTA schedule. 

Mark your calendar.

Minicamp: June 10-12

OTAs: May 18, 20, 24-25, 27; June 1-3, 7-8, 14-17.

Training camp dates have yet to be announced. Last summer, the Rams started their training camp on July 31, and it's reasonable to expect the action to get back underway around that time this year.

We'll also be keeping our ears to the rail for draft pick signings. 

Come June 18, you'll have to experience the thrill via some other medium...summer reality shows, Madden 08 on the PS2, baseball... Of course, TST will be here everyday, injecting a little pigskin goodness into your day as the summer rolls on.