Pistol Pete's Main Event - Kevin Payne


Welcome to the first edition of Pistol Pete's Main Event. This time around - Kevin Payne,

and why his stellar bowling skills equate to a stellar safety prowess. Lookout NFL, I predict

Kevin Payne will be a nightmare for opposing teams on Sunday.

Account for our boy, trust me.. or you WILL get burned. Just ask Chris Harris.

He recently

called out our boy, and it got nasty


Kevin was a great pickup for the Rams. Not only that, he is a welcome addition to our family

here at TST so without further adue, I now begin this edition of Main Event and tell you why I

feel Kevin Payne's bowling skills equate to a defensive terror for opponents.

Check it out after the jump!

Bowling Techniques - Equivalent To Football?

There are a couple important techniques in bowling that transfer to football. Hard to believe?

I suggest you think again.

Balance Line

Bowling: In bowling you have to establish a proper "Balance Line". What is a balance line? It's basically a posture

you need to establish so that you release the ball with the proper amount of energy and force. Also, timing

is critical as well. If you have a proper balance line, but your timing is off, it can actually hurt you more

than help you.


As you can see, Kevin has a perfect balance Line. No question. Look at the force in which the ball is released. SCAREY.

Football: In football, it is important to have a proper "Balance Line" when meeting a WR like say, Randy Moss

or Larry Fitzgerald head on 20 yards down the field at 40mph. What happens if you have a poor balance

line? Road Kill. Timing is also important when cutting off a released WR in deep routes. Nuff said.


As you can see above, this Packer felt the brunt of Kevin's perfect balance Line.

Kevin's "Balance Line" Bowling to Football Rating: 5-Stars

Now Let's Look At "Back Angle"

Bowling: In bowling, the "Back Angle" is also an important posture. Basically, it is the angle that your spine must

maintain from start to finish. Typically this angle is 15% and if you're off, it could be disatrous.


As you can see, Kevin has a perfect back angle as measured with my protractor. Amazing stuff. Not about his back angle so much as me actually finding my old protractor from college.

Football: Let's just say if you don't maintain a good tackling angle on a running back who has broken

through the initial line of defense ("back angle"), you're toast. Also on Safety blitzes, you need to use

the proper angle on the Fullback who usually stays in pick up opposing blitzes. A good "Back Angle"

is critical to get through and hammer the opposing QB.


As you can see, Diangelo Williams is thinking "OH CRAP" as he see's Mr "House of Payne" zeroing in on him
with a perfect back Angle. I had trouble editing this photo because it hurt just looking at it.

Kevin's "Back Angle" Bowling to Football Rating: 5-Stars

So as you can see, it's not hard to understand how Kevin Payne's stellar bowling skills should and WILL

mean that he will excel here in St Louis.

Welcome Kevin, from all of us here at TST.