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Random Ramsdom: 5/17/2010

It is yet another Monday morning and that means it is time for links! Here is what is on the docket for today:

  • Khan vs. Kroenke. Smokey vs. Jacob. Good vs. Evil. Will at Ramsherd takes a look at the two would be owners with a dash of history on the side.
  • Bryan Burwell thinks that the media looks bad when they re-vote for awards and steroid users win them. What an impressive observation Bryan.
  • Dare I say this, but should the Rams look into Terrell Owens? Sando breaks down TO's stats from last year vs. the NFC West. He made be old, but he's still got it.
  • If Brian Westbrook doesn't pan out, there is always the possibility that Marshawn Lynch will become available.
  • Speaking about backup RB's, Stonedtodeath takes a look at some possible options when the cuts start happening later on in the summer.
  • Tevin T. Broner has 5 reasons why Sam Bradford should start from Day 1. This post reminds me of CoachConners post awhile back about Donovan McNabb and how the Eagles brought him in slowly. Bradford may not start, but he definitely should play. 
That's all for today, enjoy your Monday and go Rams!