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Bye bye Barron, hello Ann? The Week in Rams, 5/9-5/15

It was busy week for the St. Louis Rams, offseason be damned. Alex Barron was shipped away, Stan Kroenke groped for other ownership options, Kevin Payne revealed a talent for bowling. Let's look back at the week that was...

Atogwe one step closer to free agency - Free safety Oshiomogho Atogwe will not sign his RFA tender from the St. Louis Rams. What happens next with Atogwe and the Rams?

Retrospective: Alex Barron - Alex Barron is no longer part of the St. Louis Rams. Shocking, yet not surprising. Ram_rod looks back.

Is Stan Kroenke more problem than solution? - This week it was reported that Stan Kroenke has offered to give the Rams to his wife as one option for circumventing the cross-ownership rules. Meanwhile, the team had a big contract to sign and the budget is said to be tight because of the uncertainty.

Kevin Payne is a damn good bowler. - I once won a pin-on button for bowling a 150 in a local bowling alley league. Kevin Payne bowled six strikes in a row. Do they make a button for that? 

Stats confirm what you already knew - But they're stats, so that means they're even more right. James Laurinaitis might not have been the best candidate for the defensive rookie of the year, even in the non-PED users category, but people watching him saw a pretty damn good football player anyway.

I chipped in to find Brian Westbrook some bus fare - But the running back the Rams put into the conversation this offseason, went exploring options in Washington and Denver.

Can the Rams win 5-6 games this season? - 44 percent of you apparently believe that the Rams can indeed win 5 or 6 games this season.