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St. Louis Rams Game Changer: The veterans


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It's that time again, so pull up a chair and come listen hear to the story of a game changer...some might even call it a changling. This week we're taking a slightly different track. This week's game changer(s) won't find his name on the marquee. 

He and his ilk don't sell tickets like starting quarterbacks and vicious defensive ends.

But these are the guys that the Rams are counting on to be game changers for them. They are...

...veteran depth. 

Yes, it's not exactly an exciting proposition, but a necessary one the Rams sorely lacked last season. Driving, compounding the frustration and humiliation of last season were injuries to promising young players and a other starters. 

When a starter went down, the Rams filled the line with conscripts taken from practice squads and nearly forgotten players waiting for a call. Facing a tough climb back to respectability already, the back of the roster made it that much more difficult. 

This year the Rams went out and got established guys, often known commodities from the green coaching staff's previous experience, to bring in as the role players. They aren't the old men and boys trotted out to meet numerical requirements,.

Three names stand out, all from positions that the Rams found to themselves desperate for help at last year.

DT Fred Robbins - He still has his legs and can play enough downs to give the Rams front four some presence. Spagnuolo made him useful in New York. 

CB Kevin Dockery - If you're planning on him being a starter for 16 games, something's not right with the team. But, he's a useful nickel and an experienced guy that can fill-in from time to time.

C/G Hank Fraley - Another guy with a track record of health and starting experience. Insurance for players on the interior is not a bad thing at all.