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Rams fans speak - FanPost of the week

I have to give a shout out to everyone in the TST Community for great stuff in the comments and the fanposts and fanshots. The St. Louis Rams may not have won too many games recently, but we've got a loyal, dedicated bunch of fans here. In an effort to recognize the excellent fanposts, I'm going to start a fanpost of the week thing every Friday, in which I pick a few fanposts and you guys vote on your favorite of the week.

This week's entrants...

Spagnuolo and "Genius" QB Development
Coach Conners picked up on something Spags said in his interview with Jim Rome this week concerning QB development and Sam Bradford. When asked about his plans for breaking in Bradford, the coach didn't elaborate too much other than to say he thought Andy Reid did a great job, "genius" in fact, with Donovan McNabb in Philly.

2009 Rams Analysis Part 1: Close Games
The record may have led you to forget, but the Rams' 15 losses included a few close games, close for a time anyway. Discovering what happens in those close games is always an interesting look at a team's makeup. Tevin T Broner delved into the Rams seven close losses.

How It Went Down: My Trade to the St. Louis Rams
Trades are always exciting,especially when a team needs help in so many areas. For most of us though, what we know about a trade comes mostly from the news. We can analyze it sideways and backwards, but it's easy to forget that it involves actual people. Rams safety Kevin Payne gave us the inside view of what happened when the Rams upgraded their defensive backfield when they traded a pick in the 2011 draft to Chicago for Payne.

Alright, vote!