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Can the Rams win 4 games in 2010?

It's way too early to start thinking about how many games the St. Louis Rams will win in 2010, way, way ,way too early. So, let's jump right in and try to predict how many games the Rams will win this season.

In a post yesterday, Mike Sando revealed NFC West projections from AccuScore, whose magic odds making genies gave the Rams a prediction of 4.1 wins, in a division without Kurt Warner.

4 wins isn't a lot, but if you think about it, that's a 300 percent increase over last year's win total, though I wouldn't put a lot of faith in my math.

Is 4 wins too generous, not generous enough? The Rams don't have as tough a schedule as last year, but the cellar teams they play - Detroit and Tampa for example - have all made promising strides over the last two seasons.

A big part of the equation is how you see Sam Bradford's immediate future. Does he step in and have a Matt Ryan impact or does he struggle in his rookie season? To me, the Rams success hinges on how effectively they can score points this season. I think the defense will be adequate enough to keep them competitive (but still not a legit playoff team), but they'll need to be able to count on the offense this season.

So I ask you Rams fans, how many wins do you foresee in the team's 2010 season?