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A trip to Washington doesn't take Westbrook off the table for the Rams

The St. Louis Rams did not find a much needed backup running back in the 2010 NFL draft, but that weekend they did bring former Eagles RB Brian Westbrook to St. Louis for a visit and a physical as a backup plan. Westbrook passed the physical and left to consider his options. 

Yesterday, it was reported that he'll visit Washington. Don't celebrate the McNabb-Westbrook reunion just yet though. From the Washington Post:

...the Wednesday meeting between Bruce Allen and Westbrook, the former Eagles' running back, sure looks like there's a heavy dose on convenience involved.

Allen and Westbrook were scheduled to appear at a local high school for an event schedule a long time ago. The meeting may have been nothing more than a cursory tire kick. It also could have been an opportunity for Westbrook to drive up leverage a little bit, maybe get the best possible free agent deal he can. 

The fact remains that the Rams need a backup running back. Westbrook isn't the young dynamo that many of us had envisioned the team getting this year, but he could play a useful role getting 10 touches a game in an offense he should be very familiar with.