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Has Kroenke become more problem than solution?

I've been kind of nonchalant about the St. Louis Rams ownership situation. I was happy with Shahid Khan when he was the lead horse to purchase the Rosenbloom's 60 percent share. When Stan Kroenke threw his name into the mix at the last minute, I was fine with that too. Both men have ties to the region making it more likely for the Rams to stay in or around St. Louis. The advantage to Kroenke owning the team was primarily his deep pockets and solid track record as a pro sports owner. 

Thought I'm not exactly fired up about the ownership situation as it stands now, I would classify myself as mildly annoyed. The uncertainty of situation is said to be having an impact on the front office's plans to rebuild the team, limiting free agent spending, according to a source cited in today's PD article

And the latest news in the saga, the "wife option," gives it a strange twist. Essentially, it's Stan telling the league that he wants the Rams and doesn't intend to cede control over the NBA and NHL teams he owns in Denver. For such a shrewd businessman, I'm wondering if this move wasn't very well conceived. Plus, he's kind of screwing Khan in this whole thing, but that's business. Had Kroenke not thrust himself into the mix, the ownership situation would be very close to resolved when team owners meet in a couple weeks.

Whatever option he and the league deem the best, it needs to get worked out as soon as possible before the situation really does start to compromise what the Rams are trying to do on the field.