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Atogwe one step closer to free agency is reporting that Oshiomogho Atogwe will not sign his RFA tender offer extended to him by the St. Louis Rams.  Not exactly earth shattering news. That offer was made at the lowest possible RFA level which gave the Rams little more than exclusive negotiations for a window and Atogwe just $1.3 million, a big cut from 2009. 

The Rams still have exclusive negotiating rights with Atogwe until June 1. That's the deadline for the Rams to either tender him a deal for almost $7 million or letting him walk away an unrestricted free agent.

Devaney and Demoff will likely make him one more long-term offer, but it would have to match, at least, what he can get as a free agent. He'd also be a lot more likely to see a Super Bowl sooner if he leaves the Rams. Atogwe's keen hands for the takeaway weren't so fortunate last season. A legit decline, injury or his fellow cast members? 

The Rams added Kevin Payne in a trade with the Chicago Bears last week. (More on Payne from Payne). Payne has played his best football as a strong safety. However, the Rams will probably give him a look at free safety too. Craig Dahl played well in both safety roles last season, giving the Rams a versatile, competent backup.