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Random Ramsdom, 5/10: Mrs. Kroenke to own the Rams?

Happy Mothers Day honey. Here's the St. Louis Rams!
Happy Mothers Day honey. Here's the St. Louis Rams!

It's an offseason Monday, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about. Let's jump right in with all that's new with the St. Louis Rams.

Mrs. Kroenke to own the Rams? - That's what the Sports Biz Journal is reporting (subscription only link). Stan will ask NFL to allow his wife to own the Rams and he'll hang on to the NBA and NHL teams in Colorado. This isn't the first time reports have conflicted about Kroenke and the Rams, and after yesterday's Kroenke tour in the Post-Dispatch, I'm waiting to see what will actually happen. 

You think the guy in the cubicle next to you is overpaid...Marc Bulger got $1.1 million per touchdown during the span 2007-2009. To Bulger's credit, he didn't throw very many touchdowns. 

Today's the day the Rams officially ship Alex Barron to Dallas in exchange for LB Bobby Carpenter. Peter King takes the opportunity to grumble about Barron, who has 43 false starts in five seasons. Says King: "One of the reasons I've never been an Alex Barron fan is his attention to detail, and his fervor to be great. It's just not there." At the very least we can all agree on the need for new, if not false, starts. 

The Rams pick up the ball for their next minicamp Thursday, May 13.