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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 17

We are really burning up the track in our mock draft. Here's stlcardsfan4 with the 49ers second pick of the first round (boo, for the 49ers having two first round picks).

The 49ers select Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers with the 17th overall pick.

My gamble paid off. In honesty, the 49ers need an OT much much more than a DE, but I "gambled" Davis would still be on the board here. I thought Haden would be a nice consalation prize, but he got selected instead so that made my decision even easier. So the 49ers get the much needed OT (which I've heard all too much about for a Rams fan) and get a defensive force.

Personally this would be best case scenario for the 49ers with the idle exception being if Trent Williams fell or something ridiculous to that sort. So in other words, this would be worst case scenario for a Rams fan. Please don't let this happen!

VanRam: The 49ers had terrible luck with the OL last season, and this shores up a huge need at RT. Some will still argue about the wisdom of taking a RT in the first round, but it's a wise move, IMO.