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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 15

Here with the Giants' other first round pick is TrojanRam.

The New York Giants select CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson with the 15th pick in the draft. 

If the Giants could truly draft anyone, this pick would be Steve Julio Spagnuolo (sorry, I had to tie it in with the Rams somehow). There were two talents I looked at strongly here, but they were snatched up. Rolando McClain would have fit a hole in the Giants Defense, and Derrick Morgan would have given them a solid defensive building piece with questions regarding Osi Umenyiora. Since they were taken, I had to go with the best talent left on the board, and that was Clemson's CJ Spiller. The Giants' potent running game, 1st in the NFL in 2008 in yards per carry (5.0!) stumbled to 19th (4.1!) in 2009. A lot of that has to do with the loss of Derrick Ward and the declining play of the offensive line (due to injuries), but at some point you have to look at Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. Neither is a big threat in the passing game and neither is reliable enough health-wise. I followed this team a lot, and it always seemed like Jacobs and/or Bradshaw were dinged up. Adding Spiller here would give Eli Manning an explosive running threat as well as a playmaker in the passing game. After the Giants addressed safety concerns in free agency, and with the top defensive talent at the Giants' positions of need gone, taking the #1 running back seems like the logical route for the G-Men in this draft.

VanRam: Great line about Spags. And the GIants did a great job with their first round pick, their backup pick I guess. The Giants would have a nice array of playermakers with Spiller on board, making them a serious threat to contend this year.