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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 14

A new day, more draft picks. The TST Community Mock Draft rolls on, and our very own ram_rod has the Seahawks second first round pick.

With the 14th pick in the draft the Seattle Seahawks select Charles Brown, OT, USC.

The Seahawks desperately need an OT. Charles Brown not only played at USC with Pete Carroll, but also is a good zone blocker, which would fit Seattle's scheme. Is it a reach? Perhaps. But there is no reason to think this cannot happen. If anyone knows how he can play, it's Pete Carroll. I'm in love with C.J. Spiller, but I think you can find almost as good production from a second round back. I'd have liked to snag Derrick Morgan or Dez Bryant here, but they are already gone. So Brown fits the bill.

VanRam: This is what mock drafts are all about. Ram_rod made an interesting pick by diving into the mind of Pete Carroll. The Seahags are working hard to reshape their offensive line for the zone blocking scheme, trading Rob Sims just this month.