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Diggs to push Vobora to weakside

The St. Louis Rams signed Na'il Diggs this week, giving the team a veteran linebacker with run stopping credentials. Where will Diggs play and whether or not he will start is the next question.

In the wake of the Diggs signing, there was a report that he was expected to start at strongside linebacker, a job currently held by the former Mr. Irrelevant, David Vobora. Diggs has the SLB experience. But what about Vobora on the weakside, where pass coverage is a must?

Vobora, in theory, would help the Rams run defense on the weakside. The former Idaho Vandal is speedy, which will is a big must at WLB. However, his coverage ability is still something of an unknown, for me anyway. 

The other question I have is about DIggs. He is a solid player with established credentials who gives the Rams a slight upgrade over Paris Lenon in the veteran LB department. Diggs' age is the biggest red flag; he'll be 32 when the season starts. 

Still, it's April 9, and there's a long time between now and the start of the season. The starting LB trio of Vobora - Laurinaitis - Diggs is still written in pencil for the offseason workouts. Ideally, the Rams will be looking for a solid prospect in the draft to bolster the LBs.