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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 13

Lucky 13. Picking for the hated 49ers is none other than stlcardsfan4. It's another defender, a lineman, but not a DT. Anyway...

With the 13th pick of the draft, the 49ers select Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech.

Well, I debated three main options here.  CB Joe Haden, OT Anthony Davis, and Morgan.  I thought Davis was a little too much of a reach at 13th overall.  And from what I've heard 49ers fans don't think much of Haden.  As the official replacer of 49ers fans, I thought I'd be fair and not pick him either.  Then, my last step was looking at the 49ers depth chart.  I saw Justin Smith.... and no one really.  Their LE position was filled by defensive tackles in the depth chart.  Not sure what to make of that, but that sold me.  A force of Morgan and Smith on the corners plus Aubrayo Franklin is just scary.  So I took Morgan, mostly because I know he's the best available.  I think he should've been in the top ten.


VanRam: Morgan is the best defensive player on the board at this point, and he's the kind of DE that can be an impact player in either a 3-4, which the 49ers run, or a 4-3.