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Rams work out Colt McCoy today, Clausen tomorrow

Just because everyone else has already made the Bradford to the St. Louis Rams connection in their draft predictions is not going to stop Billy Devaney from considering all of his options. And it shouldn't either. Rams' personnel are in Austin today for a private workout with Texas QB Colt McCoy.

Here's Devaney on McCoy's workout:

He was extremely impressive. He made all the throws and his arm strength was good enough.

"Good enough" is kind of damning with faint praise.

Tomorrow, they'll be in South Bend, IN for Jimmy Clausen's pro day workout. 

Some other draft-related items of interest...

Rob Rang looks at a few names making a late surge up draft boards. One of those names is Tim Tebow, who seems to be splitting the opinions of coaches and scouts. One name on that list that could be of interest to the Rams is Utah FS Robert Johnson. His game sounds very similar to Oshiomogho Atogwe, and could be a much cheaper alternative. 

The Rams will have their private visit with Gerald McCoy in the very near future as well.