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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 10

You trivia buffs out there might be interested to know that Jacksonville, FLA is the home town of pioneering 70s rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jump forward a couple decades and the city's NFL franchise is struggling to maintain a foothold in Northern Florida, and they desperately need a draft that will help get them back on the football map, sell tickets and play Skynyrd's brand of rock that fused together blues and country soul over the PA system. 

And just who will the Jags be picking in the TST Community Mock Draft? Here's Sergey606 with the answer.

With the tenth pick in the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State.

Going to make this pretty simple: The Jags don't have a great receiver, but have a QB that can at least throw. Jason Pierre-Paul's name has been tossed around, but they signed Aaron Kampman, so they have a better DE.  Bryant might be getting picked too early, but he's the best receiver in the draft.

VanRam: There are still lots of people who expect the Jags to take Tim Tebow, merely to sell tickets. That seems a little risky to me. This gives the Jags a great receiving duo with Bryant and Mike Sims-Walker. Garrard is probably an acceptable stop gap. Jacksonville does not have a pick in the second round, so they won't be able to find a QB like McCoy or Tebow there. They may have to start thinking about options in the third round...LeFevour? Canfield?

I'm going to post a top ten look back for the a.m. In the meantime, we ought to keep this thing moving along. Make your picks here, answer your questions here...have at it. 

CaliRamMan and the Broncos are on the clock.