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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 9

The mockety-mock rolls along, and here with pick #9 is gorams77, representing the Bills.

With the ninth pick in the draft, the Buffalo Bills select Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee

I’m not gonna lie, after McNabb was traded to the Skins I thought this would be a fairly simple Clausen call. Now all you guys ahead of me forced me to dig a lot deeper into the Bills, and let me tell you…it’s not pretty (for any Bills fans out there reading this – take it with a grain of salt, my team went 1-15). They have a lot of needs with QB, #1 WR, OT, and DT probably being the most important. With top 2 QB’s gone, the top 3 LT gone, and no reason to take Dez Bryant with their QB/OL situation – I went with strengthening the D at NT. The Bills are switching to a 3-4 defense this year and can use some help upgrading the talent to anchor the NT position. Williams has the size (6-2/237) and potential upside to fit the bill (get it "bill" cause they're the Bills.....nevermind) for the all important run stuffing position.

I considered Anthony Davis as LT is a huge need for them as well, but in the end taking the 4th best LT (and possibly reaching) wasn’t as appealing as taking the best NT in the draft.

VanRam: Truly this is the year of DTs. 

Sergey606 and the Jaguars are on the clock. Questions about trades, second round, etc.? Head over to the mock draft FAQ.