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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 7

The back end of the TST mock draft's big trade, the bottom bun, the rump roast to the hog's nose, is here. And just whom did the Kansas City Chiefs, represented by Ramsfan from Seattle, select with their newly acquired seventh pick?

The Kansas City Chiefs select Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa

We know Scott Pioli believes in positional value so the only options this early in the draft would be QB, LT, or DE.  The Chiefs spent big time money on their QB of the future and already have a defensive line full of high picks.  This leaves LT as the most likely choice.  I believe they have Okung at the top of their board, but with him off the table they go to who they believe is the second best tackle in the draft, Bryan Bulaga.  Although he may not have as much upside as some of the other tackles in the draft, Pioli will love his intelligence and work ethic and be able to plug him in at LT from day one.  This will allow Brandon Albert to move back inside where he belongs and give the Chiefs a very good left side of the offensive line.  The Chiefs were also able to pick up an extra 3rd and 5th round pick and still get the guy they wanted.  

VanRam: I can't argue with the need. Bulaga is a guy whose stock has risen considerably. Rob Rang has him going at #6 in his most recent mock draft, and he went at #8 in the SBN mock draft. Another year for OTs in the draft. 

That brings us to pick #8, and Oakland via AbsolutMoose is on the clock. Here's a draft FAQ for more info about picking, rules, a second round, etc. We'll have a recap of the top ten just as soon as we get through it. There's been kind of a lot to talk about lately in Rams nation, no?