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Rams Going All in by Releasing Bulger

There were a couple of things I thought about after the Rams released Bulger...Like just about everyone, I wasn't shocked by the move. He was due a lot of money this year, and was worth not even half of the 9 million dollars. But I had a deeper brainstorm, and this is what I came up with:

  • Bulger probably hasn't decided if he'd like to retire or not. We heard some rumors awhile back about him probably retiring, but unless the front office is ice cold, I think they would have let him save face by retiring with the Rams. Unfortunately, it comes down to business. He probably hadn't decided yet, and the Rams felt the need to let him go without dealing with any hassle he might have brought them (I doubt it though; he isn't Brett Favre).
  • This move may signal that there isn't much interest in the first overall pick. We at TST were hopeful that something with the Redskins could have been done, but I don't think very many teams (those not in the top 10) are willing to trade their whole draft away. It could also mean the Rams are trying to stir up interest. But either way, things don't look that good on the trade side of things.
  • The Rams are going all in with the first pick. I'm sorry to everyone who was still holding out hope that they'd draft someone besides Sam Bradford (or Jimmy Clausen) but their simply isn't anyway they aren't leaving the first round with a QB. The only other option there is (that is if the Rams are in love with Suh or hate Clausen and Bradford) is taking Colt McCoy, possibly in the second. Either way, the Rams QB's currently on the roster are completely "meh," so get ready to start pre-ordering your new QB Jersey's.
  • Bulger will probably be in demand. Derek Anderson and Jake Delhomme both found new homes. Marc is just as good, if not better then both of them, so don't be surprised if he decides to find a new team, and does so fairly quickly. My guess? The 49er's. Alex Smith is still on thin ice, and they could use someone who has starting experience and who can step in. At the very least, he can teach him how to play better.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments. If you need more draft, stay updated with our Community Mock Draft and as always, have a great day!