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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 6

Well, with the first big trade out of the way and Sam Bradford now off the board in the second annual TST Community Mock Draft, who will be the next player to go...picked by the hated division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks. With the answer to that question, I give you ram_rod, in all of his mock drafty glory!

The Seattle Seahawks select  Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

First off, I'd like to say Le Ram was smart to move up, because I have zero faith in Charlie Whitehurst, if you know what I mean. This is a tough choice, because at this point, there is no offensive tackle worth taking here to find a replacement for Walter Jones, there is no quarterback to be taken to keep Charlie Whitehurst (a guy who has never played in the NFL, I might add) honest and C.J. Spiller is too high of a reach right here to justify a runningback (why the Seattle coaches hate Justin Forsett is beyond me- if Seattle really wants a RB, they should go with Best or Dywer in the 2nd-3rd round). It came down to either Eric Berry or Gerald McCoy, and even though I think McCoy is great, there is no greater value then picking up the best player in the draft with the 6th pick to fill a big need. Jordan looks, fades back, takes the shot- and that's the game! 

VanRam: Seattle scores another highly touted defensive player in the first round, after picking LB Aaron Curry last year. The worst part about this pick is that the Rams have to face this guy twice a year. Seattle has a very good defense heading into this season, but a shaky offense will keep them out of contention. 

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