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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 5

We've had our first trade of the TST mock draft, and it's a doozy. Cleveland and Kansas City swapped the 5th and 7th overall picks and Cleveland threw in picks in the fifth and seventh rounds. And just who did Cleveland pick with their sexy new spot in the first round? Here's Le Ram with the answer and explanation.

The Cleveland Browns select Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Well, this one was trickier than I thought when I decided to move up. In the end, I find myself having to choose between Bradford (A projected #1 overall), Gerald McCoy (a stud DT who might have trouble finding his place on a 3-4 defense) and Eric Berry (the most likely Browns' target BEFORE the draft started). With the Browns, Bradford won't have to be sent to the fire right away. He'll probably be #3 behind Delhomme (35y.o.) and Wallace(30y.o.).

VanRam: Mike Holmgren has made no secret about what kind of talent he thinks Bradford has. So much so, that there should be plenty of speculation that the Rams might find a willing trade partner with the Browns. We'll see. Falling to number five, Bradford stands to lose $15-20 million in contract dollars. Yikes. Good pick.