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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 4

This was set to be one of the more intriguing picks of the draft, but then the Washington Redskins went and traded for Donovan McNabb...and now we get our second offensive tackle.

With the fourth pick the Washington Redskins select Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma

Here's VanRam with the info:

This was supposed to be another Oklahoma star here with the Rams having opted for Clausen in this mock draft. Instead, the Redskins will take another Okie to protect their investment in Donovan McNabb, because at his age, McNabb will need protection. 

Williams is this year's Jason Smith, an elite prospect with probably the highest ceiling of any OT in this year's draft. Shifting to the left side for his final year at Oklahoma, Williams struggled at first before emerging as an All American. Similar to Jason Smith, he seems to be a quick learner. And the Redskins will need him to be, since they don't have the luxury of developmental time. 

Ramfan from Seattle is on the clock. 

Here's the mock draft FAQ to answer any questions you might have about making picks, next round, etc.