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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 3

The mock draft rolls onward and upward, and now, representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is flipthebird15. 

And with the third pick in the draft the Bucs select: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

Donkey Kong Suh- Wow. #1 unexpected, #2 not as much. But I think the Bucs may have the easiest pick in the draft if the actual draft has one of the Big Two going in the top two. But in this draft I had to decide between Suh and McCoy. Suh has been considered the better run stuffer while McCoy has been said to be able to get to the QB quicker. The Bucs absolutely need a DT and both of these guys definitely fit the bill, but I consider Suh the safer choice. Comparisons to Warren Sapp make it an even easier for a franchise looking for a new face of the defense after Derrick Brooks, Sapp, and John Lynch have departed. Ranking last in run defense last year support the choice for Suh, and this anchor will be a brick wall to build a supporting cast around.

VanRam: That's a dream scenario for the Buccaneers, though I suspect they'd be pretty happy with Gerald McCoy too. Hard to argue with this pick.