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TST Community Mock Draft: Pick 2

The Turf Show Times community mock draft rolls on to pick #2. Representing the Detroit Lions is IrishRamsFan, here he is with the pick:

The Detroit Lions select Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

Not the "sexy" DT pick that some want to see but the Lions have spent the offseason bolstering their DL by signing Kyle Vanden Bosch and trading for Corey Williams. Now it’s time to add a franchise LT to protect the investment made in Matt Stafford. Okung is easily the best OT in the draft, provides an imediate upgrade to the LT position and can start from week 1

VanRam: That's a pretty smart pick. It's a safe one too, and safe or not, the Lions need help on the offensive line. They invested in a QB with the first pick last year. That pick, Matthew Stafford, was subjected to undue strain thanks to a serious lack of protection. I'd be surprised if the Lions don't pick Okung on April 22.

Tampa Bay is on the clock.

For your assistance, I've posted a community mock draft FAQ.