TST Community Mock Draft: FAQ

Here's an administrative reminder about the 2010 TST Community Mock Draft.

Making your pick

You've got two options here. Either send the pick to me at rvanbibberATgmailDOTcom, or use this handy dandy Google doc. I'd prefer folks use the Google doc so that we can get further into the mock draft, and have enough time for a second round. For instance, Detroit has already made their pick, even though I haven't posted it yet. By getting your pick and write up recorded on the Google doc, people can go ahead and make their picks...and not have me harass you.


I'm fine with teams making trades. And it looks like we've had a few offers based on the comments in this post. To make sure the trades are reasonable either myself, 3k, Trojan Ram, Ram_rod or Coach Conners should okay them. (Thanks for letting me draft you fellas for that task). However, let's get trades made in a timely manner so we can get this thing done before the draft actually starts.

Second round

I'd love to do a second round, but we've got to demonstrate some progress on the first round. Hint, hint, let's keep it moving.

TST Mock Draft Challenge

Just because I like to work, the TST Mock Draft Challenge is underway. Here are the rules.

Any other questions about the mock draft?