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Random Ramsdom, 4/30: Rams rookies start minicamp today

Ah, Friday. Once upon a time Friday meant the first day of the weekend, which is why my college grades looked like they did. Now, it's another work day. Ditto for the St. Louis Rams new draft picks, who'll have their first day of organized activity with the team when rookie minicamp kicks off. Here's a few things to get your minicamp started off right.


Rookie minicamp starts today - Sam Bradford and all the other rookies will officially wade into the shallow end of the pool today with the Rams.

Another tight end? - Texas A&M FB/TE Jamie McCoy is one of several undrafted rookies who will be in St. Louis this weekend. Another FB/TE? Just in case two weren't enough, huh.

Retired players criticize rookie salaries - Retired players speak out on rookie contracts and lay the blame on player agents. It's not quite that simple.

Who is the top DE in the 2011 draft? - Get a head start on the prospects for 2011 with an intro the top defensive end in the draft....for now.

Who will the Rams draft in 2011? - Who the hell knows, but you can get a first look at the 2011 NFL Draft with this mock. They have the Rams picking first (Noooooo!) and taking an offensive playmaker, which is a viable direction for the Rams next April.