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The commissioner knows you're out there

The fans at TST will be watching you.
The fans at TST will be watching you.

A few guys from SBN were able to talk to commissioner Roger Goodell at the draft this weekend. 

It's definitely worth a read. I also want to say thanks to everyone here at TST for a great draft weekend. The discussions here go above and beyond the kind of analysis you get elsewhere. Media has changed over the years. Newspapers and TV stations, to a lesser extent, used to be the only window fans had on the game other than watching or listening to the sport itself. Fans matter more than ever, and the commissioner knows that. To wit:

...from my perspective, you guys are reflecting what the fans are talking about. And maybe, from a media standpoint, they're providing their views to influence the fan perspective. But I think that's coming together at some point. I think that's changing. You guys are probably changing that because you're coming from the other direction. You're reflecting the fans perspective and giving the fans a voice. That's what I love. Now, we get the media perspective but we also want the fans' perspective. That's why I spend so much time talking to fans. We just had a fan forum this morning where I get to hear what's on their mind, what's important, what they think we need to address and answer their questions. That's a good thing for us.