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Atogwe also dealing with sports hernia

St. Louis Rams FS Oshiomogho Atogwe is dealing with a sports hernia, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. That, along with his recovery from shoulder surgery has no doubt been part of the Rams hesitation to hand him a one-year deal worth close to $7 million, as well as some insight into the lack of interest in the Rams RFA who was tendered at the lowest first-right-of-refusal level. 

What to do? Ideally, the Rams can work out a contract with Atogwe for a more sensible amount. However, with the return of CBs Bradley Fletcher and the additions of CBs Kevin Dockery through free agency and Jerome Murphy and Marquis Johnson via the draft, the Rams secondary could become a real team strength. Having the ball-hawking Atogwe manning the backfield would give the Rams a secondary that's always a threat to nab a turnover...not a bad thing to have in a division with shaky QBs. 

We'll see what happens with Atogwe. June 1 is the deadline.