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Rams pick DE Eugene Sims with their second pick in the sixth round

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Drafting a player from West Texas A&M is unusual, picking two players in consecutive seasons form West Texas A&M is down right shocking. Maybe they asked Keith Null for his advice before taking DE Eugene Smith with their second pick of the sixth round, or maybe they just think they can get a better crop of developmental players in the draft's dwindling rounds than what the crop they've signed off the street recently. 

Needless to say this pick was on nobody's radar.

So what about Sims? He's athletically gifted, possessing the raw skills you want from a sixth round pick. In fact, he used to play safety in his junior college days.

Definitely a project player. Like Null, this is a guy who could have gone undrafted.

Yeah, I'm a little antsy about a linebacker. 

On second thought...Sims is listed at 6'5" 248 lbs by CBS and NFL Draft Scout. His official West Texas A&M page lists him at 6'6" 238 lbs. He used to play safety. Anyone else wonder if this guy might move to OLB with the Rams?