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Rams add Michael Hoomanawanui in the 5th

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One of the many fifth round selections for the Rams has been chosen, as the Rams selected MIchael Hoomanawanui in the 5th round (their first selection). Hoom' (which I'm going to call because his last name is a monster to type) is a Tight End from Illinois.

Here is what rivals had to say about him:

A thickly built tight end who showcases good bend and flexibility off the snap, Hoomanawanui gets into his routes quickly but isn't explosive downfield. He isn't going to threaten the seam vertically and has a tendency to drift in and out of his routes.

Seems like he is a good blocker and possesses good strength in that regard, and they have high marks for his awareness in the red zone. The Rams needed a tight end, but to be honest, I don't think this is the type of player that would have best suited. Daniel Fells still seems like the go to guy for passing, but Hoom' probably will best be suited as the second tight end, if he meets the Rams expectations, which by all purposes he should.

Solid pick. I'd give it a B+

[Note by VanRam, 04/24/10 12:10 PM EDT ] The Rams have swapped their fourth overall pick of the 5th round, the one acquired for Adam Carriker.