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Rams make WR Mardy Gilyard their fourth pick of the 2010 NFL Draft

The St. Louis Rams stayed atop the fourth round and started the third day of the 2010 NFL Draft by selecting Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard in the fourth round.

The Rams got a WR to pair with new QB Sam Bradford, and they hope GIlyard will have the kind of connection with Bradford that he did with Tony Pike at Cincinnati.

Gilyard brings that all important after the catch abilities, which are the new gilded truffle of NFL wide receivers in the pass-centered era we now live in. From his CBS scouting report:

Although he lacks great timed speed, he is a very elusive runner in space. Shifty hips and superb vision allow him to avoid defenders running by or with him downfield. Much of his production comes off quick screens, where he shows great acceleration after taking in the pass. Perfect for kickoff returns because he has time to get to top speed and finds creases to fly through while on the run. Gets through some arm tackles and had good vision to find openings after first contact.

He's also another high character guy. 

From Walter Football:

The Rams are getting a Round 2-3 receiver atop Round 4, filling a need and giving Sam Bradford a weapon. Great pick to start Day 3. (Pick Grade: A)

More analysis to come.