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2010 NFL Draft: Rumor round up

And just like that the interwebs are humming with excitement about potential deals just hours away from the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Let's take a look at the most recent talk making the rounds.

First and foremost, will the St. Louis Rams be trading their 33rd pick? It seems likely according to Rams GM Billy Devaney. That earlier report had the Bills and Browns interested in the pick, and now Michael Lombardi is saying they've received several offers.

Despite recent denials, Washington DT Albert Haynesworth is expected to be traded by the end of the day. Jason LaCanfora said that the Titans remain a logical stop, but remember that the Rams were once identified in the Haynesworth trade talk when the Redskins were said to be after Bradford. They could be just as eager for a shot at Clausen or McCoy with the 33rd pick.  

There are some other well-known names said to be available including Patrick Crayton, Marcus Spears and Sam Hurd from the Cowboys; Jags DT John Henderson; Saints OT Jamaal Brown; and Titans RB LenDale White

The Rams are on the clock in less than hour. We'll know soon whether or not they've made a swap. Adam Schefter also says they're receiving offers, but he also says they might keep the pick and draft a wide receiver.