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Letting the Clock Strike Zero

I had a thought just pop into my mind... I haven't heard too many people (if any) talk about the Rams possibly just not picking and letting Detroit (and even Tampa Bay) go ahead of them, and then making their selection. The benefits of such a move would be obvious; you wouldn't have to pay as much to whoever you drafted. Should that be Sam Bradford (I'm guessing Matt Stafford and Josh Freeman have fairly good job security), the Rams would not only be able to snag their "QB of the future" but save some serious coin as well.

The contract situation would obviously get murky, as even though the Rams technically hold the top selection, he wouldn't be picked at the top of the draft. I'm sure his agent(s) would love that. The uncertainty of someone trading up above them always should be considered, but if they aren't willing to trade with the Rams, what makes anyone so sure they'd trade with another team? After all, moving up to the "top" of the draft would require the same financial burden (and extensive loss of draft picks, present and future) regardless of who the team traded with. Of course, I do hear the Lions love Albert Haynesworth...

Just another strategy to think about as the draft gets closer!

~Also, in addition to this, the Rams would still hold the rights to Sam Bradford, making it possible to have a bait and switch like the Manning/Rivers deal a few years ago.