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Draft day's hot rumor: Washington wants Bradford

It just wouldn't be draft day without a semi-logical rumor burning up the interwebs just hours before the St. Louis Rams make the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. And what is this year's hot rumor? Why, it's the Washington Redskins making designs on the Rams first pick and Sam Bradford. 

The theory goes something like this. Washington would offer the Rams some package of picks and players, because they have only four draft picks this year the players offered would be the crucial ingredient. The possibilities include DT Albert Haynesworth, of course, S LaRon Landry and QB Jason Campbell

Think about that for a minute. Campbell is a solid player, but would be nothing more than a stop gap for the Rams. Landry has talent, but hasn't quite lived up to the billing he got as the sixth overall pick in 2007. His run support is solid, but the Rams have a good, cheap player at SS in James Butler. What Landry brings in coverage, he lacks in ball hawking skills, opposite what the Rams have in Oshiomogho Atogwe. But Atogwe also has a the potential of commanding $7 million next season. Then there's Haynesworth, who would be the real prize  in terms of an established player being included in the deal. 

But the Rams have to be firmly focused on the future, and swapping the first overall pick without getting a bounty of draft picks would do more to undercut the rebuilding efforts than give them a boost. 

[Note by VanRam, 04/22/10 11:01 AM EDT ] The PD says there's nothing to the Redskins/Rams trade rumors. Surprise.