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Rams get a more balanced schedule for 2010

The NFL announced the 2010 regular season schedule tonight, and the St. Louis Rams get a much easier start to the season than they did last year. Hopefully, things go a little better this time around. There are no prime time games, which comes as no surprise. Here's the schedule.

Week 1 - Arizona Cardinals

Week 2 - at Oakland

Week 3 - Washington

Week 4 - Seattle

Week 5 - at Detroit

Week 6 - San Diego

Week 7 - at Tampa Bay

Week 8 - Carolina

Week 9 - BYE

Week 10 - at San Francisco

Week 11 - Atlanta

Week 12 - at Denver

Week 13 - at Arizona

Week 14 - at New Orleans

Week 15 - Kansas City

Week 16 - San Francisco

Week 17 - at Seattle

Thoughts on the schedule below the jump

There's not really a long stretch of tough games, at least it looks that way at this point in time. Fortunes can change rather quickly. There's nothing like that brutal stretch last season when the Rams opened the first two weeks on different sides of the country with a week in Seattle followed by a week in Washington. 

Last season the Rams played five playoff teams, including Arizona and both Super Bowl teams. This year the Rams have the Cardinals, San Diego and New Orleans as the only teams that made the playoffs last season. 

Weeks 12-14 will be a tough stretch based on the travel alone, especially finishing up those three games against the Super Bowl champs who have to be considered the odds on favorites to repeat as NFC champs. 

Don't be too hasty to judge this as an easier schedule. There are several .500 teams or worse from last season who figure to be much closer to competing this year. San Francisco is a prime example. A Detroit rematch at this point doesn't favor the Rams either. 

The Rams will be seeing Adam Carriker again rather soon. 

The key to the season will be starting strong. Games against the Seahawks, Redskins and Raiders should be a good match up for the Rams, and the Cardinals won't be the same without Warner.  Steven Jackson had 100+ yard games against the Redskins and the Cardinals last season. 

Other thoughts?